The Faith Community started as a small group of seven people in an apartment in 2015. The goal of the small group was to provide people with an intimate space to wrestle with our faith and mature as Christians in community. We did this through dialogue, reflection, activities and food. The intent was never to start a church, but that is what we became. The Faith Community is our attempt to make available to the public the meaningful experiences that we have shared in private. We are working to follow the example of Jesus by extending Limitless Love and creating Boundless Connections.



At the Faith Community we do not all look alike. We represent different generations, races, genders, economic classes, sexualities, and cultures. We serve people from these various walks of life. We don't target people based on the above criteria. We work with people who have shared attitudes and aspirations. What we share at TFC is a worldview that love and the work that springs from that love can change the lives of an entire community. Based on our approach to church and theology, these are the three groups we have seen the most success in reaching:

The Unchurched

People who did not grow up in a church and have not been programmed with any type of religious doctrine.

The Under-churched

People who attend church regularly, but feel out of place for any of a number of reasons: they feel forced to suppress their truth, they have evolved beyond some of the doctrine, and they don't feel comfortable asking the tough questions about faith.

The Over-churched

People who have become completely disenchanted with the church and don't attend anymore. They may or may not be angry with God, but one thing is for sure, they are done with church. These are the people that usually find a home at The Faith Community.