I love TFC because it's a place where I am affirmed as a critical thinker and a celebratory worshipper.


KALI cawthon-freels, associate minister

I love The Faith Community because it's a place where my wife and I can worship God with the knowledge that we are fully welcomed in this space.


GRAYSON HESTER, communication liaison

I love The Faith Community because it allows me to flourish in my full self, without apology and in need of no qualifier. I can bring my questions, I can bring my queer sexuality, I can bring my anti-racist postures and hopes, and know that in all things I will be challenged occasionally and celebrated absolutely.

(Also, the Garber's are amazing cooks and, if nothing else, TFC gives me a chance to eat their barbecue.)


toni smith, membership director

I've been active in church all my life but decided I needed at this stage in my life a more fulfilling spiritual and church experience. I have found that at TFC. It has provided a genuinely open and honest approach to understanding scripture and what it means to really love myself, my neighbor and my God. It has been a challenging and growing experience.


melanie ivey, website manager

I love TFC because of the Greatest Commandment Theology that is the foundation from which all teaching, community, and connection groups are born. Being a part of this body of believers has allowed me to truly feel accepted, appreciated, and genuinely loved just for being me.


PAMELA MERRIT-SMITH, resident therapist, social services coordinator

I love TFC because it offers a space where I can be completely honest. As someone who comes from a strict religious background, I appreciate not having to "smile and nod" or censor my thoughts about how I connect to The Creator. TFC is challenges the norms when it comes to "church". It's the antidote you don't know you need until you get it. It's fearless, and I can appreciate that!


MYRON randall, worship pastor

I am a native of New Orleans, La. I am passionate about the Faith Community because it inspires people to love God, love people and ultimately love themselves.


Tierney Jordan, interim minister of pastoral care and hospitality

I love TFC because it provides a safe space for me to fully embrace and embody the beliefs I wouldn’t feel comfortable expressing in other spaces. TFC matters because it allows each of us an opportunity to broaden our perspectives and encourages dialogue that will continue to advocate for positive change.


David and Michelle Garber, teaching consultant and community engagement coordinator

We chose to be a part of The Faith Community because we wanted a church home that was intentionally diverse and welcoming of all people where we could love God, ask hard questions, and serve the community. As members of the leadership team, we love the opportunities we have to reimagine what the community of faith can look like as we continue to follow God’s call to love our neighbors in the twenty-first century.


Marielle thomas, worship leader

I love TFC because it is a great community that challenges you but doesn't condemn you.